The didgeridoo Origin

Here a legend of the didgeridoo origin :
" At the beginning, all was cold and dark. Bur Buk Boon was going to prepare woods for the fire in order to bring the protection the warm and the light to his family. Burbuk Boon added wood in the fire when he noticed a log was empty and a termite family was busy to niddle the soft wood in the center of the log. As he wouldn't injure the termites, Bur Buk Boon brought the empty log to his mouth and started to blow. The termites were projected in the nocturn sky, formed stars and the milk way and light up the landscape. And for the first time the didgeridoo sound blessed Mother the Earth, protecting her and all Dreamtime spirits, with this vibrant sound for eternity ..."

Speech instrument :
The didgeridoo is an speech instrument which use the language mechanism. The phenomenal memory of aboriginals enables them accurated and codified pieces to be of service to music. But it's just a little element of their culture, whereas the occident let itself go to a focus since soon.

The didgeridoo

The didgeridoo is a natural trumpet, with a straight shape, without mouthpiece, used by the north australian aboriginals. Its name is probably european origin. There is 40 differents aboriginals names for this instrument through Australia. It is made with an eucalyptus branch dug by termites, bare of its bark and where the interiors face are sometimes thiner at each extremity.

The agile and accurate tongue strikes, the extraordinary control of the breathe, the perfect way to press lips on the tube and the excellent musical memory are certainly attributs that the player has. The didgeridoo has a large expression range : slow and impress melancholy, the inexorable power, jovial carefree, all humors are communicateds with great dexterity to singers, dancers and people.